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Why we need smart office controller? Worker`s focus and concentration are essentials factors for productivity in the workplace. However, busy workers may find it hard to concentrate since their focus can easily distract by many factors. The environment surrounding the employee in the office is one of the main factors. The room`s temperature, light brightness level, noises or even open/closed curtains can all distract the focus during work, especially when heavy task schedule. For instance, small changes in the room temperature may directly affect the focus which will influence the productivity of the employees, and sometimes that might happen without them noticing the causes. Therefore, providing a controller system for maintaining good environment that helps to increase the focus is important for the productivity at work. Furthermore, the level of interaction with the user while maintaining the appropriate environment is critical, since most of the busy workers will find it hard and time-consuming to keep tracking the environment around them and keep adjusting it.

The Goal of this project is to develop a controller system that maintains the user`s focus up using Passive brain signals in a smart office environment. The proposed system will control the office environment automatically and adaptively according to the user`s mental status. The main objectives of the research are:

  • Monitor the mental status of the user using EMOTIV device and use the passive Brain signals to detect the attention level of the user.
  • Monitor the surrounding office environment (room/body temperature, lightness level, curtains state) using special sensors.
  • Analyze these data to predict the best possible environment that can help the user to stay focus.
  • Automatically adjusts the office environment to meet the finding and maintain the user`s focus up

Filtering BCI signals

Team Members


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